Alex de Roeck

11th Oct 2018

Hi Alex, thanks so much for participating - we hope you’re enjoying the coffee!

Hi conch sorry for the stupidly late reply, I attempted to do this ages ago and got sidetracked. I’ve made the first attempt into a picture, I hope you like.

1. Can you give us an introduction to your practice, interests and experiences?

I make sculpture, drawings, music, I use a lot of found materials, sourced on the streets of Dublin or online. Currently I’m attempting to blend both. I like second hand objects the most.

2. Talk us through your working processes, what are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m making sonic sculptures using found audio files, and in the process of making some unusable bongs + medical stretchers.

6. Can you tell us about your show, Fevered Roots

At the time I had collected a number of vile and offensive postcards/ religious pamphlets/ and second-hand bedroom posters, which I really wanted to get rid of, so I had to make the work about that. Thematically I was inspired by ‘The Trophy Rooms’ internal space, reminded me of a horror movie cabin.

8. I saw 'k, ready' at the opening of the exhibition and just watched it again online, watching it in the gallery space on opening night was a very different experience as my senses were already pretty saturated, a combination of booze, people, multiple video works and lighting. Can you tell us about the video and the layering of imagery, texture and sound within your work?

At the time I was watching a lot of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmare USA, the editing style inspired the videos content and storyline. As a group we would sit together every week and show the progress of each video, which helped mould it also.

10. If you had unlimited access to resources and funding, is there a piece or project that you would like to realise?

Yes I’d build a small house I could live in.


Alex de Roeck is an artist living in Dublin. You can find them at and at GUM.