Elaine Ang

26th Apr 2018

I collect words, i write and i perform them. Im interested in conversations, in creating dialogues and collecting an intimate archive through these exchanges and narratives. Im also interested and thinking through the value of silence, solitude and waiting. Very keen on experimenting what this does to myself and to people, especially in rethinking perceptions of time and presence and maybe this extended period to respond back! But im also thinking about how to be radical through these strategies and reading this book called Shy Radicals by Hamja Ahsan. I had the experience at the end of the year of last year of going to a silent meditation retreat and didn’t speak for 10 days. I guess it was a reflection of the isolation being back in Singapore, and at the time i wrote a performance for a show in Leeds and it was the first time i had 2 other people perform it for me. It is interesting having someone’s voice instead of yours communicating the piece. Especially when most of my work is about expressing a certain form of vulnerability and fragility. But i guess everybody’s point of fragility is inaccessible to another but it’s how we are able to create a work to let someone in. Anyway Singapore isn’t all that bad altogether, really warm weather! I didn’t spend much time with the artists’ community there but spent some time with Project X, a sex workers’ rights organisation giving support, condoms, lube, wet wipes, anonymous STI/HIV tests to sex workers. Do you know Kristeva writes about and celebrates a woman who is an eternal dissident in relation to social and political consensus, she is always in exile from power and therefore always singular, fragmentary and demonic. I guess i’m trying to take in alot from the exchanges I had with these groups of women and also to process my own experience, of waiting for my visa, like this anxious waiting and anticipation for something else to begin. I try to communicate a rawness, to talk about movement and migration and what an exclusionary lived experience could be through a singular voice and my own body etc. It’s very interesting you’ve called the walk @ the other faces performance a ‘catwalk’ it was meant to represent a period of wandering but perhaps now you’ve named it that, I was trying to claim back some form of visibility and dignity. Woo! Ok, speaking about collaboration, i guess every interaction is an way of opening up a conversation, and learning and thinking. And it’s the ways of extending the collaboration beyond just a show and a project. I’m thinking through collaborating now not so much with a specific person per se, but in terms of music and playlists! I’ll make you one perhaps! xxx

soft skills, soft power, soft wobbling mass
strange embrace overseen by an officious nun
These half-moons are to represent the seed-cases of Lunaria Annua.
Glamour & the wound.
a saint’s testimony ◓
The liar often suffers.
Suffers from amnesia.
Amnesia is the silence of the unconscious.
my favourite is Celebrity Rehab.
Sweaty open palms tattooed in ink.
Take care.
it is dripping wet.
Reabsorbed on your iphone screen as you send ◐ a text. An undelivered text message. You only deliver on the failed promises.
Holding space ◓
Having a Belated relation. Relation. Or a ◓ subordinate relation.
An invocation ◓ A Hymn.
Rain-Sickness is also a kind of sickness ◑
Cannibalistic Saliva
The Power of Circles.
If you want to destroy something, an ache, a blemish, the human soul, all you need to do is surround it with thick walls.
Drawing a circle is a way of summoning & concentrating magical energy.
There’s no wisdom without love, no love without freedom, and no freedom unless we dare to walk away from what we have become.

Holy intensity. To witness pain is a different form of pain. That brief instance of grace when we see what is before us, and not just what we expected to see ◓
Waiting as a strategy for alienation. to exhaust.
Readings By Mouth ◐
Who are your favourite poets.

How to radically stretch/violently compress time.
Her voice… as nun ◑ as victim soul, as woman traveller, as teacher, as doctor, as ravaged woman of the world, as mystic poet, as sacred prostitute, as hedonist, as satanist, as agonised subversive, as moralist and iconoclast. ◐
i laugh like a child LARIMER is when you speak, most of the time a crystal of it has no meaning no embarrassment. but there is also the throat chakra used to enhance & protect the voice.

Image references

Shy Radicals: The Anti-Systemic Politics of the Introvert Militant, Hamja Ahsan

Popsicles, Gloria Camiruaga


Paper Cigarettes for the Dead

Farewell My Concubine, Leslie Cheung

Don’t Give Money to the Arts performance, Tang Da Wu


Elaine Ang is an artist, living and working in Glasgow. You can reach her at elaine.angy@gmail.com.