Uyên-Minh Nguyễn

20th Sep 2018

1. Hi Uyên-Minh, thanks so much for participating - we hope you're enjoying the coffee! Can you give us an introduction to your practice, interests and experiences?

Hi! I’m Uyên-Minh. I started my practice in photography since 2010 & started collaging since 2016. Mmm… I have an obsession with movements. Probably, it was because of my family’s migration from the central to the south of UN in the 90s. This also shapes my perspective on everything in life, & question on “belonging” and “forever”. ^^

2. Talk us through your working processes, what are you working on at the moment?

I’m not sure if I follow any working process… I mean if I set “process” aside, my answer would be: either I sit still, or I take a walk. Each phase, I would have a different walking area in the city. Everything would begin here, from where I sit, or the road I take (to walk).

Observe, listen, take note, capture, question, read... are the things everyone can do. That happens the same way to me, nothing special like going to the grocery store every day.

Now... I’m just writing!

3. We have a few questions about your use of collage, a medium which seems central to your practice: do you use your own images or found images; is there a difference in their quality; and are these digitally or manually assembled?

Making collages marks an important transition in my practice journey, I always try to break my own limit to step outside of the door. I always use photos that belong to my copyrights & make the collage by hand. That allows me to touch everything with my hand, burn them, tear them apart, stitch them together or even lick them…

Sometimes, it helps me to relieve. If you only see the photos through your laptop’s screen from year to year, you might get CRAZY, I think!

So, I print them out, hold them & ask them what I can do.

4. Often punctuating your collages are GIFs - the digital format of which encourages a very personal and intimate viewing experience - why do you choose to activate the still image in this way?

I make gifs for… FUN! It’s simply a pastime game of mine whilst looking for simple & practical skills to practice on these images (I’m actually not good in this). I feel like GIF is an interesting format, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, it moves an animated character, it’s popular, like a cockroach ^^. And most importantly, it helps me to relax when I try it.

7. Can you reflect upon a pivotal work or project, one that has played a part in shaping your practice?

I take pictures of my mother & my relationship with her. This format isn’t new, but it has a special meaning to me! It helps me to clearly define my perspective on art practice. I want to make art on something close to me & my heart, those that deeply & strongly affect my being. I’m not a grand artist, before and above all, I’m a person who’s capable of loving. 💗

10. If you had unlimited access to resources and funding, is there a piece or project that you would like to realise?

I want to “dress” the new shirt for Blue Think of Green Project, like a new identity. More active and “alive” through installation.

Thank you Conch!




Uyên-Minh Nguyễn is an artist living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. You can find her at and on You can find her on instagram at @alittlepinkcockroach.