Jade Annaw

5th Jul 2018

1. Hi Jade, we hope that you’re enjoying the tea! Can you give us an introduction to your practices, interests and experiences?

Hi – my name is Jade Annaw.
Thank you for asking me to be a part of this project and for the lovely tea. ☕

I’m an artist/ production assistant/ researcher/ collaborator/ curator (all in different + fun capacities) based in LDN. I studied @ Notts Trent Uni + since then have lived and worked in Nottingham – Birmingham & London ☺️

Interests: digital art, animation, femme, the body, fantasy, love, loss, relationships + connections.

2. Talk us through your working processes, what are you working on at the moment?

My practice
• considering the progression of dialogical tendencies and how technology is seemingly altering the way that we form relationships.
• thinking about the shift in the way we are now encountering art + the way we network
• is the traditional gallery format necessary anymore? Can we solely show work online?,
• success = traffic, attention & likes?
⭐ now we are growing accustomed to everything being so immediate, are we, as humans losing the capability to feel desire or loss? - when we never truly have to wait for anything & never truly lose anyone

Working process • solo + collaborative
• fluctuations in personal or shared experiences
• writing → making → writing

3. Do you have a studio at the moment? If so, how important is it for you to have a studio, and why?

I do not have a “studio” in London however I work in a design studio which surrounds me w/ creativity and different ways of exploring + making.

B4 this I had a studio @ BACKLIT Nottingham with artists Jake Moore + Connor Brazier.
BACKLIT was crucial in my development as an artist in the years immediately after graduation. I have been very privileged to have had continuous support since graduating.

4. Can you talk a bit about the ‘other’ self or our ‘online’ self, and where you position your work between irl and url, perhaps with reference to the particular work There Is No Now, shown as part of Life 2.0 – The Wrong Biennale x isthisit?

I’ve always been interested in the idea of an online persona – I developed ideas very much surrounding this @ university – even changing my name + working under my art alias Jade Annaw.

My work very much exists online. ‘There is no now’ explored ideas of the female in a continuous search for the next best thing – a space where the grass is greener- but finding herself stuck on loop, her motion suggesting travel and progress but rigged, awkward, faltering and anti-climatic. Despite a glossed, delicate façade the work becomes dreary, repetitive and tiresome 🙁

5. Who, where or what has you feeling excited at the moment? – Who, where or what has you feeling concerned at the moment?

Female artists, design, animation, recognition of female artists, voices finally being heard!!!!! (instagram stories r good)

brexit, the wrong voices still saturating our feeds, screens, texts, minds…

6. Can you tell is about Delta Sorority and your collaboration with Jake Moore? How important is collaboration within your practice?


Collaborative research between myself + Jake Moore – started as both a collaborative practice and as a platform to support work of emerging digital artists. Our 1st research project|work|residency|website all fell under the umbrella of “DANCING GIRL EMOJI”. The programme considered the impact of technological progression of communication and the rise of social media platforms – looking in-depth @ notions of… the new-age narcissist, the digital façade & the potential for emojis to facilitate transcultural communication.

Following from ‘DGI’ – Delta continued research + completed a residency @ Nottingham Trent University in 2016. Continued conversation about what is to come…
👁️ watch this space 👁️

7. With that in mind could you tell us in more detail about ‘Unreal Feels’, your collaborative work with Emily Simpson?

Emily Simpson + Unreal Feels
My collaboration with Emily Simpson is ongoing. We check in every day with each other (having done so for a year and a half now ❤️) discussing how technology both strengthens + damages ((long distance)) relationships and how information that popular culture + the internet feeds us alters the way we view, create + commit to romance. Unreal Feels was a small snapshot of these notions. We are currently developing research (less aesthetically driven around attachment, anxiety, longing and waiting…)

8. If all your work was embedded in an art maze, and at the centre of the maze (the end goal!) you could place a piece or project of your choice, which would it be?

So far nothing has been or reached an ‘end goal’. I have works which I place significant importance on which sit central to my practice such as SAD GIRL + Dancing Girl Emoji. These works motivate me to continue combining my tentative emotions with the love of film + edit → hopefully one day, these things paired I will produce a work at the centre of my maze…

9. Are there any particular websites or online platforms that you find yourself revisiting time and time again? What are they and why?

- natalieyang.co
- ArtRabbit
- Anywhere I can stream Sex and the City

10. If funding and resources were no object, is there a particular work or project that you would like to realise?

The next Delta Sorority Project



🌞 Jade Annaw is an artist and production assistant based in London. You can find her work at jadeannaw.com and on IG @jadeannaw 🌞